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Arizona tribe breaks ground on $120 million casino project - Arizona's Family

MT June 28, 2018 The new security robot moves around in front of Twin Arrows Casino near Flagstaff. This robot will officially start work June 29. Twin Arrows Casino A new security robot is being used at the Twin Arrows casino in Northern Arizona. Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort , located east of Flagstaff on the Navajo Nation, is launching a new security system that goes beyond guard dogs and surveillance cameras.  On Friday, the casino will introduce a security robot. It is believed to be the first casino in Arizona and the second casino in the United States to introduce a robot security guard, according to casino officials. Joe Gustafson, the director of security at Twin Arrows, said the robot will supplement existing security personnel as it roams the property. The security robot will be a lookout on the property's parking lot, providing 24/7 surveillance for Twin Arrows' security team. Twin Arrows' employees are in the middle of a contest and hope to choose a name for the robot by the end of the week.  At almost 400 pounds and standing more than 5 feet tall, the machine is a product of Knightscope , a technology security firm based in California. According to the Silicon Valley company's website, the robot can travel at the speed of 3 mph and boasts features such an ability to read 300 license plates in one minute, scanning for plates of wanted or stolen vehicles.

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